Glamping in a truly luxurious style

Our yurts secret is out – here’s how it all began nine years' ago...

When I met Terry he told me how much he liked camping; not being a keen camper, but not wanting to disappoint him, I booked a surprise Christmas present to go glamping in a beautiful yurt. Wow, what a fantastic experience! So romantic and different, we loved almost every single thing about the yurt, but the facilities for showering and cooking were dire. So we decided, as we are lucky enough to live in a beautiful place set in six acres of land we could offer a truly wonderful glamping experience, with exceptional facilities.

Greener Living

Living where we do, surrounded by rolling Welsh hills, we are very conscious that our luxury holiday yurts also have to strive towards becoming an eco-masterpiece. To do this we decided to pair innovation with good-old-fashioned nature.

No fossil fuels are burnt here, all heating and hot water is provided through ground source heating and solar panels.

We have a installed a rainwater harvesting system, which provides water for the toilets, washing machine, cleaning wellies, and outside plants.

All our firewood comes from sustainable sources and is provided for the duration your stay at no extra charge.

The innovative Eco-showerheads are designed to use a mix of air and water from the mains water supply: a full rain-water shower experience, while using only half the amount of the water - rain power!

The hot tub is environmentally friendly too, it uses an ‘Energy Smart System’ making it highly efficient. It also uses the ‘EverFresh’ water care system, which decreases the need for chemicals, making it friendlier to the environment. Each time the spa water is changed, the water can be reused for outdoor cleaning or irrigation (we have an extensive area to water!). The spa water can also be recycled into the rainwater harvesting tank for flushing toilets, and the like.

We encourage all guests to recycle so we have provided some recycling bins housed in a very smart, purpose-built unit located just outside the kitchen for your convenience.

We offer a ‘car free’ option and can arrange pick-ups (with local taxis approximately £10 - £12 each way) and drop-offs to and from Welshpool train station. You can then choose to explore the area either on foot or by bike (bike hire available from Brooks Cycle’s in Welshpool), cruise the Montgomery Canal or ride Llanfair light railway.

More information on walks, cycle routes, and much more can be found on the local tourism website.

Psst...bird and insect boxes have been placed all along the woodland walk to attract and support the local wildlife (be sure to let us know what you encounter!), and hundreds of bluebells have been planted along with other wild flowers too.

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Dedicate a tree with your name on it in Wales

You may have to say goodbye (for now!) but you can remember your stay forever by becoming a part of our Welsh woodland (which one day we hope will grow into an enchanted wonderland). Natural broadleaf woodland forms a small, but vital part of the Welsh landscape. Your namesake tree is the perfect keepsake and will provide habitats for wildlife and benefit the environment by absorbing carbon, reducing soil erosion and reducing the negative impact of climate change.

As part of your stay, your name (s) will be etched onto a copper tag that can be wired to a twig looking pretty amongst the leaves in this picturesque destination - your tree will be part of a woodland creating a place of beauty for future generations. A good reason to come back next year and see how it has grown!